Does African Panacea truly have a cure for over 30 Diseases and or illnesses?

I can’t deny the fact that herbal medicine can cure diseases, some of which have outwitted medical doctors and nurses. In the era before medicine it is evident that our fore fathers and ancestors relied on herbs for curing almost everything. I strongly believe in the healing power of herbs because majority of our modern drugs have as composition, herbs and other naturally occurring products. The emergence of science and research however came to make life easier for us and not to challenge some natural home remedies.

If you live in Cameroon, you have probably traveled from douala to bamenda or bamenda to yaounde. During this journey, you have definitely come across self-proclaimed “doctors” advertising panaceas and medications that have been put in empty glycerin bottles, promising to cure over 30 diseases. Even though this panaceas can cure a specific disease very well, there is the tendency for charlatans to become sneaky and dubious, deceiving the population that a particular medication can magically cure over 30 diseases. Surprisingly, if you take a critical look at those who are fond of buying this medication, you will discover that it is mainly the older generation and or uneducated people who fall prey to this charlatans. 

There exist genuine people who have studied and carried out research before selling these medications to the public. They have been authorized by the minister of health to sell their products. Unfortunately for the general public, we have people who impersonate the genuine stuff and manufacture things in hiding in their homes. They move around picking empty glycerin bottles from dustbins and empty vial bottles from hospital waste to put their concoctions in it. They then proceed to sell them to their victims. If you are educated enough, you will be skeptical enough to ask certain questions. We live in a generation where even pastors are challenged over what they say on the pulpit. The human body is made up of different systems. How is it possible that a medication which has a quantity of 0.25 litters is able to cure diseases of all the systems of the body? Think well again.

 When you come across such medications promising a cure of many diseases, take a look at the ingredients that constitute the medication. If you find aloe vera and sulphur for instance, then you will rightly guess it has anti bacteria/fungi properties and will most probably treat rashes and some light skin infections.  Welcome to the 21st century where information is available on the Internet. If you don’t know what a certain ingredient is in any medication you buy, feel free to Google the name of the ingredient and its uses.

The victimization of humans-marketing using sweet words

This is the final and simplest step. In order to sell a product and make huge profits, you have to target as much consumers as possible. This is where so many people fall prey. Your health is a product of your daily choices and lifestyle. Obviously these panaceas have some illnesses to cure. But because this guys need your money, they add all other diseases and claim that their panacea can cure all of it. Here are the famous cures this panaceas promise:

1 Headache
2 Fever
3 Arthritis
4 Back pain
5 Eczema, ringworm, body itches and dandruff
6 Peptic Ulcers
7 Gastritis
8 Tooth ache
9 Rheumatism
10 Glaucoma
11 piles
12 Ear problem
13 Constipation
14 Cough
15 Diarrhea
16 Low sperm count
17 Hypertension
18 Diabetes
19 Low libido
20 Snake bites, scorpion stings and bee stings
21 Diabetic wounds
22 Vagina odour and vagina itches
23 Syphilis and Gonorrhea
24 Baldness
25 Convulsions
26 Tuberculosis
27 Menstrual cramps
28 Mouth odour
29 Sinusitis

30 Removal of kidney stones etc. 

How magical is this drug? It sounds like anointing water that is being advertised in many of our churches today. There is a place for everything. Before you cure a disease you have to find out the cause, and try to treat the cause and not merely the disease. A disease is a manifestation of some infection in the body and until you find the cause, stop deceiving yourself. You have to ask yourself how strong a medication is that it cures diseases from all the systems of the body. Consider a car. If it has a problem you have to identify the cause and treat it. You don’t go and pump engine oil into the fuel tank, still rub the engine oil on a scratch on the car or rub on the tires. When this medications are being marketed, they make you believe the medication is so powerful such that a drop or teaspoon is able to cure even chronic and long standing diseases. Seems like panacea will soon become Jesus Christ. One thing that amazes me is that hardly will you find a medication with no side effect. But this panaceas seem to be self-efficient in itself with no possible side effect. We live in a generation where you have to sit and think before you act.

I am writing this from a personal point of view. I am not disqualifying the ability of panaceas to cure diseases. I am just trying to make you aware that we have the real deal out there as well as impostors and charlatans. These panaceas definitely have a limited range of specific disease that they cure but in order for the products to be sold faster, the cure and potency of the medication is hyper exaggerated so it suits the needs of a wide range of people. Belief is also a very important aspect in the curing and healing of diseases. Sometimes it is actually your belief that makes you well and not actually the medication. There is no medication that cures everything. If you have a serious medical condition, go consult your Doctor. Consultation fees in clinics and hospitals in Cameroon is about the price you will pay for a bottle of beer. Stop being frugal when it concerns your health. It is cheaper to consult and buy the right drugs than to look for a cheap cure for everything.  I believe in herbal medication. But it has to be used the right way. 
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  1. I really like this a microbiologist, i am a great advocate for Use of prescribed good as local herbs and unconventional drugs are, Usage without adequate consultation and prescription is a great risk.



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