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Way back before modern medicine was introduced in Africa, herbs and other naturally occurring plants were used for healing. Here are some few home remedies that are being used by many, mostly to prevent diseases and illnesses. However, there are some communities that have limited access to health facilities. Some individuals may not have access to health facilities because they are far away from town in their farms. This home remedies can help in case of any emergency while seeking for medical help. Always remember to tell the doctor or nurse of the medication you used. This will help them to prescribe the right medication so that no interaction occurs.

1 Fever
Boil fever grass and drink. See 5 Reasons to love fever grass

2 Malaria
Collect equal amounts of fever grass, mango leaves, orange leaves, paw paw leaves and guava leaves. Wash them with clean water and boil.
Dose: Adults should take one glass and children should take half a glass. If you find yourself very far from a hospital and you fall sick with malaria, adults should take one glass twice a day for 3 days and children should take half a glass, two times daily for 3 days.

3 Typhoid fever
Collect the following: the bark of mango tree, 1 unripe pineapple, 1 unripe paw paw, 5 limes, 5 oranges and about 5 mango leaves. Wash all of them, chop and put in a pot. Pour 2 litres of water and boil for about 2 hours.
Dose: Adults should take one glass twice a day for 5 days and children should take half a glass twice a day for 5 days.

4 Food poisoning
Food poisoning is caused by bacteria. This happens through unhygienic and or improper handling of food. This food poisoning can cause stomach ache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and general body weakness. Even though some people do not wish for this to happen, others do bring food poisoning upon themselves because they cannot control their appetite at weddings, death celebrations and other occasions. This happens as a result of eating so many different meals, one after the other.
Get half of 1 lemon, 6 level teaspoons sugar and ½ level teaspoon of salt and mix in a litre of water and drink. This will be able to relieve the passing out of watery stool caused by food poisoning
Chewing ginger and garlic will also help to relieve the symptoms of food poisoning because Ginger and Garlic will also help because they have anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties.

5 watery stool
If you have access to a pharmacy, buy a sachet of oral re-hydration solution (ORS) and mix in a litre of water and drink.
If you don’t have access to ORS, squeeze ½ lemon, take 6 level teaspoons sugar and ½  level teaspoon of salt and mix in a litre of water and drink.

6 Burns
In cases of hot water, oil, fire or burns resulting from hot irons, immediately pour natural honey on the burn and try to rush the victim to the hospital.

Identifying natural honey: pour natural honey into a cup of water and observe. Natural honey will settle at the bottom of the cup and not dissolve easily within 30 minutes.

7 Cough, catarrh and colds
Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and natural honey and take two table spoons three times a day
Alternatively, you can grind ginger, garlic, bitter kola, honey and mix together. Take one spoon 3 times daily.

8 pimples
Get lemon cut it in the middle and use the flesh to lightly scrub and wash your face in the morning. Rinse with water. If you have aloe vera, peel and apply the juice on your face every evening.


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