How we ignorantly predispose ourselves to Diseases

Nothing happens in life without being caused. This phenomenon is applicable in every area of life. Disease is not an exception.  For example if you study the bible especially Genesis chapter 1, you will discover that God is the cause behind creation. If you succeed in your exams, you caused it by probably attending lectures and or studying your notes and therefore you caused your success. On the other hand, if you fail in your exams, that failure was caused by you. You probably didn't study enough which caused you to misinterpret questions resulting in failure. 

Health is defined by the world health organization (WHO) as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmities. Therefore an imbalance mentally can cause ill health. Health is a product of our daily choices, habits and lifestyle. If you truly want to achieve the best of health, there are choices you must make physically, mentally and socially. There are choices you can make that will bring you good health such as avoiding smoking. On the other hand there are choices that you will ignore and refuse to make that will bring you ill health and hence disease.

 It is important you understand that disease is not a punishment given to someone or bad luck. Diseases do not occur by chance. They are caused knowingly and unknowingly. When diseases are caused unknowingly it is mostly due to ignorance and lack of information. In order to treat and prevent diseases, we need to investigate the things that cause diseases in the first place. Disease is not somebody’s fate. It was caused. It was cultivated somehow unknowingly due to ignorance. In order to achieve the best in life, you must be humble enough to unlearn your old ideas, learn new things and keep updating your knowledge. 

Some people believe that the only way God heals is through the performance supernatural miracles. It is very common to hear testimonies of someone who was cured from Diabetes after praying and administering anointing water. This has made people to look at pastors and prophets as the sole cure to their diseases. However, the same God who brought up the pastor and bestowed upon him the ability to perform miracles is the same God who made that plant to grow around your surrounding without you growing it. It will take knowledge and wisdom to know that your healing might come from that plant that grows freely around your house. Your disease might be reversed with just a simple change in your diet and lifestyle.

Our body is organized in this order. Cells group to form tissues. Tissues group to form organs. Organs group together to form a system and systems work together as one to give our complete wholeness as a body. This therefore means that if an organ is having a problem, it might be caused by a particular tissue and further investigation will show that the problem is being caused by a group of cells. According to researchers, some cells in the body are replaced maximum 7 to 10 years. This means that some cells in our body can self-repair and replace itself maximum every 10 years. There are some cells in our body that are replaced every 3 days, some 70 days and some every 120 days (red blood cells). However, some cells like neurons in the cerebral cortex are never replaced. So if the rate at which some of your cells are dying is faster than the rate at which they are being replaced, you will face shortages or deficiencies as seen in anemia. In order to make the best out of this wonderful body, all you need to do is provide the right raw materials so that the cells that are being replaced are of the required quality. This raw materials are gotten from the food we eat and our lifestyle. So by eating the right diet, you may eliminate some diseases in combination with the appropriate medication because you have treated the cause.

 Do not ignore your health. Our ancestors lived longer than us. We barely struggle to leave up to half their age. But surprisingly they didn't have all the facilities we have. They were not exposed to the fast food we have now, they ate a lot of plant food and not genetically improved foods we have now. The life expectancy for a Cameroonian male is about 52 and that for a female is about 54.

There are three factors that make you age faster in life and vulnerable to diseases: stress, genetics and your nutritional habit/lifestyle. Everybody encounters stress in life. Handling stress is an important aspect of living healthy. Eating right too is also an important aspect of healthy living and these are the choices you have to make in life to bring you good health or disease. If you know there is a food that will benefit your health and you don’t like it, you must go in for it. With time you will get adapted to the taste and come to like it. On the other hand, if there is something that you like so much and it is destroying your health, you have to let it go. All you need is the will power and determination to let it go. Drinking alcohol in excess is an example of the things you enjoy that you have to reduce and let go. It is cheaper to prevent disease than to cure it.
Lack of exercise is another very important aspect when it comes to having good health. It not only helps us in losing weight but it helps us get rid of toxins in the body during aerobic exercises. Doing exercises also helps to burn calories and unwanted fats in our body.

Diseases can be prevented by living a healthy life. However in cases of infection by bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, it is difficult to guarantee yourself that you can prevent cure the diseases that will result by yourself at home. It is good to go to a hospital and consult should you come up with any disease. Though you have a part to play in preventing diseases and illnesses, your Health care provider has a role to play to help you regain your health when you fall ill. A healthy life is a result of healthy choices.


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