Miracle working churches versus Hospitals when faced with Diseases

We live in a time of miracles, signs and wonders. The bill boards, flyers, adverts, radio and TV all litter colourful images depicting how the church is able to heal all your diseases and infirmities. It is no doubt that God is behind “some” of these signs and wonders. 

In Cameroon, majority of the population knows that in the case of any chronic disease, the church offers healing. However this is becoming a conflict, doctors and nurses versus prophets and miracle workers. The doctors and nurses are mad at some prophets and miracle workers because they feel that they are misleading the population and preventing Christians from seeking medical help in time because they want their Christians to prove their faith. On the other hand, some prophets and men of God look upon doctors and nurses as people who kill the faith of their Christians. However, it is good to examine this from a Christian point of view. Even Jesus Christ said give to ceaser what belongs to ceasar and give to God what belongs to God. When God made man, he put in place rules and regulations to live by. You need to know when to use your faith in healing and when to seek help from a health professional.

God is the one who put nurses and Doctors in place and he gave them the knowledge to be able to achieve success in their profession. Everything on earth is caused. Even accidents are caused. Likewise, diseases are caused. So where does God step in? It is important to know the causes of diseases because it is in so doing that you will know where to go for a cure.

This philosophy purported by some men of God that Christians should never visit a hospital because it will show they lack faith or that all diseases can be healed in church has given Christians the liberty to lead an unhealthy life knowing they will show up in church and get a cure for everything. But life doesn’t work that way. There are some people who are dying and yet they refuse to take drugs, waiting for God to heal them. Some men of God get ill. They are human beings too. But some of them stand on their pulpits and tell their Christians that for the past 20 years they have never had a cold. However, it is not easy to understand the ways of God and his mysteries. He may heal someone with a fibroid but you who has headache will need to get treated with medication.

What all men of God need to do is that they have to teach their Christians how to take care of their health in addition to the faith principles they teach. Diseases are treated according to their cause. A disease caused by witchcraft can never be cured in a hospital. That is where the church should step in. However, a disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, poor living and eating habits might not necessarily be healed in church. Unless you treat it from the cause, it may be a waste of time and energy. Understanding the causes of diseases is very important in understanding how to prevent it or treat it. 

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