The happiest people in life are not necessarily the wealthiest people in life


There is a common tendency for people to be depressed in life because they think they are poor. Poverty cannot really be defined as the absence of money. Poverty is a state of mind. The good news in life is that the happiest people are not necessarily the wealthiest people. Money answereth all problems, so the famous saying goes in life. Unfortunately, money does not answer all problems. Money can buy a woman but it cannot buy a wife. Money can buy friends but it cannot buy loyalty. Be happy and contented with what you have. You will never know what the people whom you view as wealthy are going through. For every single penny you make, there is a price to pay for it. Human beings are very good at hiding their true feelings from the general public. Therefore it is unwise to look at someone who is swimming in wealth as happy, you do not know the price he had to pay to drive those cars. Because of the love for money, people have done terrible things such as selling their souls to the devil for money, trafficking of human spare parts, embezzling huge sums of money, stealing or online scamming. Even though this people will look happy outside, you are not there when they are alone in their rooms. Be contented with what you have now and work harder to get to your destination. It may take long, but what you desire may come to pass. There is a place for everybody in life. Your life is what you make it. You may have little in life but you make the best out of life, more that somebody who has millions in his bank account. You may not be able to afford for roast turkey, but you may be able to afford for roast fish with the little you have. Likewise you may not be able to afford for an expensive bottle of juice but you can afford for a cheaper one. What matters is your state of mind. Choose to be happy today. Do not envy those who appear to be successful. You do not know the path they have taken in life to get to where they are. But work hard to get to where you want to be.

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