9 Foods that help in cleansing the liver

We live in a generation where we eat a lot of processed foods. Our liver therefore does a lot of work to get rid of chemicals found in some of these foods. Our liver helps us every day to get rid of unwanted toxins. This toxins are gotten rid of through the process of detoxification by the liver. Our liver filters the poisons that enter our body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract. If our liver overworks itself, it might stop functioning properly and so many diseases could occur as a result of this. In order for our eyes, brain, kidney, heart and other body organs to function properly, the liver also has to function properly.  The following foods aid in liver cleansing.

1 Cabbage

Eating cabbage activates enzymes in the body that help flush out toxins.

2 Lemon juice

Lemon juice does not only aid in weight loss but also in cleansing the liver. They contain vitamin C that aids in liver health.  Consuming lemon juice helps the body to flush out toxins easily with the aid of water. Apart from lemon, citrus fruits have this same liver cleansing capacity.

3 Pear

Pear contains a compound called glutathione that helps in cleansing toxins found in the digestive tract, this therefore helps the liver by reducing the work load. Pear also helps in preventing the accumulation of toxins.

4 Green Tea
green tea (photo credit: human health)

Green tea is a good option when it comes to cleansing the liver. It contains a compound called catechins that aids in liver function. Green tea also helps in preventing the accumulation of toxins that could be dangerous to the body.

5 Green leafy vegetables

They are high in compounds that help in neutralizing toxins that are gotten from the environment. This could be in the form of chemicals or pesticides. When this is done, it reduces the work the liver would have done to eliminate these chemicals.

6 Beetroot

Beetroot is dark red in colour. It contains flavonoids that aid in liver function.

7 Carrot

Carrots are very rich in beta-carotene. Consuming carrots also helps in detoxifying the liver.

8 Grape Fruit

Eating grapefruit helps in stimulating liver enzymes that aid in detoxification. These enzymes also helps in getting rid of carcinogens and other toxins that are harmful to the body. Grapefruit also contains antioxidants and vitamin C that aid in liver cleansing.

9 Garlic

Allicin and Selenium are 2 compounds found in garlic that aid in liver cleansing. Garlic also contains sulfur compounds that activate liver enzymes that aid in liver cleansing.



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