A realistic 30 day weight loss challenge plan

A realistic weight loss plan should be at your convenience and should be affordable to you. It should suit all classes of people without making someone spend more than he can normally afford for. It didn't take you specific meals to gain weight so it should not take you specific meals to lose weight. 

Weight loss should be a gradual process because if you crash your weight overnight, it might lead to a lot of waste in your body system and may lead diseases caused by too much toxic substances in blood. So it is advisable to lose weight, one month at a time, one kilogram at a time.

In this 30 day weight loss challenge plan, it is going to suit your needs and what your pocket can afford for. The effective way to lose weight is to make sure that energy spent is greater than energy taken in. This will be made possible when you do two simple things; control your diet and get involved in exercise.

Things to do
  • Read 9 foods that help in weight loss and chose what is most available to you.
  • Make sure you do at least one hour of exercise everyday according to your weight and age. If you can afford for services in a gym that would do. If you can’t afford for a gym, try running and jogging every morning. If you don’t have the time to jog and run every morning, buy exercise/fitness tapes and do the sports in the comfort of your home.
  • You will need to limit your intake of sugar and replace it with more healthy ones like natural honey.
  • Do not eat anything later than 8 pm. It is better to drink any fruit juice or tea if you feel hungry after 8 pm.
  • Avoid beer and alcohol.

Option 1 (fast track)
Drink raw vegetable juice for breakfast. Examples include but are not limited to paw paw juice, pine apple juice, bitter leaf juice, apple juice. you may also drink lemon tea with honey and ginger. 9 foods that help in weight loss. It is also recommended that you drink a litre of water before lunch. 

Option 2 (normal track)
Eat raw vegetables and fruits for breakfast. Examples include paw paw, pine apple, cabbage (preferably steamed), tomatoes, onions, celery etc. you may combine any of these available to you and eat for breakfast. A good example is any vegetable salad or fruit salad of your choice.

Option 1
Eat 50% of cooked food and 50% of raw food. This means if you are to eat a plate of food, half should be raw and half should be cooked food.
Option 2
Eat 70% cooked food and 30% raw food.
Raw food also includes fruits and vegetables.

Option 1
 Eat raw foods for supper. The best option is to make salad and include a combination of fruits and vegetables. Eat whatever raw fruit you have. It could be grape fruit, banana, water melon or pear. Be sure to take a cup of green tea, lemon juice tea, ginseng, or whatever is available to you.

Option 2
 Eat 30% of cooked food and 30% of raw food. As usual take a cup of green tea, ginseng, ginger tea, lemon juice tea or whatever is available to you.

Hope this plan will help you in your weight loss journey. Remember that determination is the key to success. In order to achieve results, you must stick to your goals. 
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