9 ways to prevent high blood pressure

1 Eat what will benefit your health
The dietary approach to stop hypertension (DASH) recommends that we eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains while reducing the amount of sodium intake.

2 Do exercise regularly
It is recommended that every adult puts in at least 150 minutes (2hrs30 mins) or active aerobic exercise every week. Doing exercises can lower your blood pressure.

3 limit your intake of alcohol
It is advisable that women do not take more than one bottle of alcohol a day. Likewise, men should not take more than 2 bottles of alcohol a day. Taking alcohol in large quantities can make you develop hypertension.

4 control your weight
You should be able to determine if you are overweight or obese at all points in time. See how to determine if you are normal, overweight or obese here. Being overweight and obese puts you at risk for developing hypertension. With the right diet and exercise, you will be able to bring down your weight and avoid hypertension.

5 Reduce your salt intake
It is advisable that we consume not more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium a day. 2,400 milligrams is equivalent to one teaspoon. If you love eating high tasty foods, you have to kill your taste for them. Majority of the foods we eat in restaurants, processed and fast foods have very high amounts of salt.

6 always go for checkups
Hypertension does not have symptoms until it is almost too late. Only blood pressure readings can determine if you are hypertensive.

7 Learn how to manage stress

8 Some foods can help regulate your blood pressure
  • Studies have shown that people with low calcium intake eventually develop hypertension. Dairy products are a good source of calcium.
  • Some studies have also shown that omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fats found in the oils of fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel may help reduce hypertension.
  • Garlic is able to reduce high blood pressure and prevent some cancers.  It is widely used in folk medicine in Africa when someone develops hypertension. Further research is being conducted to understand the wide health benefits of garlic.

9 Avoid caffeine
Drinks that contain caffeine like coffee, coca cola and some energy drinks may increase your blood pressure if taken in excess. It is advisable not to consume more than four cups of coffee per day.


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