Is it right to drink water immediately after eating or 45 minutes after eating?

A lot of people in Cameroon and other parts of the world always debate on this topic, whether to drink water immediately after eating or to wait for 45 minutes before drinking water. This is because it is believed by many that drinking water immediately after eating disturbs digestion or makes one to get fat.

Here’s the deal. If you ate a mountain of unhealthy food, a large slice of pork, two fat slices of chicken and concluded with some donuts, you can’t expect that drinking water 45 minutes later will prevent you from getting fat.

There are more important lifestyle choices you need to make such as engaging in exercise and controlling your diet rather than debating on when to drink or when not to drink water. We have never seen any report on TV that someone died because he drank water immediately after eating. If drinking water immediately after eating caused a terrible disease, WHO (World Health Organization) would have notified the whole world about it.

According to Mayo Clinic, there is no problem with drinking water between meals and immediately after meals because drinking water during meals or immediately after meals aids in digestion instead of disturbing the digestive process. Read the full article here.
All health concerns are important, but some are more important than others. We should make it a habit to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid life threatening diseases that come as a result of a reckless and unhealthy lifestyle.

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