What will happen if I don’t get enough Vitamin A and what will happen if I take Vitamin A in excess?

If you don’t get enough Vitamin A, it will result in deficiencies. People who live in developed countries get enough vitamin A from the foods they eat and so deficiencies are rare.  However, there are some of people who are at risk of not getting enough vitamin A. they are mostly found in developing countries and they include pregnant women, breastfeeding women, infants and children below 5. Premature infants worldwide are also at risk of having a deficiency of vitamin A because they levels are often low.
A deficiency in Vitamin A will result in Xerophthalmia.

This is a condition in which a person is unable to see in dim light and in darkness. If not corrected, it can lead to blindness. Pregnant women and young children are at risk of developing xerophthalmia.

Taking too much vitamin A can cause harm
So many people do not know that taking too much of vitamin A can cause more harm than good, especially vitamin A supplements and medications.
Taking high doses of Vitamin A can cause headache, nausea, coma and in some cases death. Pregnant women who take an overdose of Vitamin A can deliver children with birth defects. It is very important for pregnant women to consult a health care provider before taking Vitamin A supplements.
Consuming high amounts of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene can cause a yellowing of the skin but will not cause birth defects in babies like that gotten through supplements.

Research has also shown that too much vitamin A especially in the form of retinol can damage the bones of the body. This is because scientist have found out that taking too much Vitamin A triggers more osteoclast to be produced; cells that break down bone.


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