Why parents should control the lunch money given to children below 10 years of age in Cameroon

So many parents love their children. They therefore want to provide the life they never had for their kids. Some of this love gestures includes pumping their children with huge sums of money to buy whatever they want in school. You are actually destroying the health of your kids. You cannot as a parent trust that your child will buy anything healthy to eat with the money you provide. Instead of giving money to your children, it is better you prepare their lunch box at home so they won’t be able to buy some unhealthy foods at school. Below are some reasons that should make you reconsider pumping money to your kids as a sign of love towards them. You are giving your children an open cheque to fill in the following diseases:

1 Overweight and obesity
It is very common nowadays to see giant obese kids who probably look 5 years older than their age. 5 year olds look like 10 year olds and 10 year olds look like 15 year olds. It is important for parents to control what their children eat at this tender age because this is one of the foundations to build a healthy lifestyle. The foods sold to children at school always have a lot of bad cholesterol, fats and too much sugar. These are some of the causes of overweight and obesity.

2 Diabetes and hypertension
The foods sold to your children at school are not healthy at all. These foods are saturated with salts, fats, sugars and so many chemicals that destroy health.

3 Typhoid and other diseases caused by unhygienic conditions
Access to save drinking water is still a problem in Cameroon. Water is used to prepare some of the favorite drinks children love such as yaourt, folere and ice cream. You can’t be sure of the source of water and the hygienic conditions of the preparation. To be on the safe side, it is better for parents to prepare drinks at home and give their children to take to school.
If you love your children, help them make healthy choices. 

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  1. Thats true. A child can't be trusted to make healthy choices. seeing so many obese kids lately and they have something in common, they come from wealthy homes so the parents can afford all the junk food in the world for them.

  2. The writer seem to be a busy parents. I think the problem here is lack of relevant education at home. When you condition your child's mind, i think he/she will be able to buy what exactly you want. Visit the school, inspect the things that are being sold and instruct the child on what to buy .If someone practice what is written in your post it means, the child will lack the ability to manage money at 10. Don't you think so?



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