How to measure your PH. It helps you to know your present state of health

Many people are familiar with some health values that are crucial to staying healthy for example weight, blood pressure and glucose level values. What some people are unaware of is the significance of measuring their pH level.

It is very easy to measure pH level and you need is to buy pH test strips (litmus paper). It cost about 8,000 XAF (about 15 USD).

The blood of a healthy human being is supposed to have a pH of about 7.35.  If your pH level is below 7, it is acidic and it means you are in poor health. You will probably have to eat something that is alkaline to get your pH level up. Furthermore, there are many diseases that thrive in our body when our pH level is low. This low pH level could come as a result of the consumption of the wrong foods and eating less fruits and vegetables.

How to test your pH     

·       Buy pH test strips from a pharmacy. It is also known as litmus paper
·       Get your pH test strip and urinate on it or dip it in urine
·       After the pH strip comes in contact with urine, the colour will change.
·       Compare the colour to that found on the pH container or test strip box

Understanding your results
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Your pH value will vary slightly if you measure it more than once in a day. The first reading is usually the lowest. If you get a pH reading of 7.3 to about 8, you are healthy and some diseases cannot grow in your body.

If you get a pH reading of 7 and below, it means that you are not healthy. This means that you don’t have enough minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. Remember that eating foods that are high in potassium help in the prevention of hypertension.  In order to get your pH level up you will have to eat alkaline foods. everything in our body is supposed to be balanced. Unfortunately,the foods and things we love most are making us acidic (for example, sugars, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, processed foods etc). Too much acidity is a fertile ground for diseases and if we are acidic for long, diseases like cancer can develop in our bodies. 
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