Symptoms of Breast cancer

 Symptoms of breast cancer
From the beginning, the symptoms of breast cancer may not be visible. Some lumps may be too small to be felt. It is very important for a doctor to check any lump found in the breast, because it may or may not be cancerous. According to the American Cancer Society, the following may be a symptom of breast cancer:
·       A lump in the breast
·       A thick area of breast tissue
·       A discharge from any of the nipple especially if blood is present
·       Any abnormality in the appearance of the nipple for example if it sinks into the breast.
·       A Rash on your nipple or around the nipple
·       Dimpling of the skin of the breast
·       A change in the shape or size of one or both breast

It is very important for women to always know how their breast look like, so that they will be able to spot any abnormality as soon as possible.
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