7 reasons to drink more water

Water is very important for our health and body functioning. There are so many people who don’t drink water. There are others who drink water only when they are very thirsty. There are still others who don’t like drinking water so they replace water with one soft drink or the other. But these are all wrong. We ignorantly starve ourselves from water without knowing it.  Below are some of the reasons why you should drink more water.
1 Detoxification
 Drinking enough water helps in eliminating waste products from our system through excretion.

2 Relieving joint pain and arthritis
 Our joints are made up of water. Therefore, water is needed to maintain the health of our joints. Some Doctors have been able to reduce and eliminate arthritis from their patients by simply making them increase their intake of water.

3 Beautiful hair and skin
 Drinking enough water makes our body to be more hydrated. This enhances the appearance of our skin and hair.

4 Relieving headaches
 Drinking enough water is able to relieve some headaches and migraines. 

5 Weight loss
Drinking enough water during the day and before meals helps in weight loss because it suppresses our appetites and makes us feel full.

6 water helps us to age gracefully
When our skin is not hydrated, it will become dry and begin to crack or peel off. This can also cause our skin to wrinkle out and make us age a lot faster. But if we drink water, we will maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

7 water helps improve our memory
Our brain cells is made up of about 85% of water. In order for it to properly function, it needs enough water. Some health experts have been able to improve memory in some patients by making them increase their intake of water.

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