8 Health Benefits of Water Melon

Water melon is a sweet reddish, fleshy and juicy fruit that is best enjoyed when served cold in the summer or dry season. It is largely made up of water and can help in re-hydration. It also benefits those who want to lose weight. Apart from water, water melon also contains lycopene, potassium, calcium, iron amino acids and some vitamins like vitamin A and C. Here are some of the health benefits of water melon.

1 Good for weight loss
Watermelon is very low in calories and is free of fats. It also has a very high percentage of water which is very effective for those who want to lose weight. It is also an excellent fruit that helps in combating dehydration.

2 Helps in regulating Hypertension and maintains a healthy heart
Water melon helps in preventing our cells from damage and studies have showed that consuming water melon is able to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. water melon also reduces hypertension because it contains potassium. All fruits and vegetables that contain potassium help in reducing hypertension.

3 Prevention of cancer
Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that is found in water melon and in tomatoes. The antioxidant properties of water melon are responsible for reducing the risk of occurrence of cancers.

4 Beautiful Hair and skin
When taking care of our hair and skin, we should also focus on the things that are responsible for their health internally. Applying hair and skin products helps but we need to eat foods that naturally promote beautiful skin and hair. Vitamin A helps in keeping our hair and skin moisturized and it also encourages the growth of our hair and skin.
5 Helps in digestion
Water melon contains enough water and fiber that help in digestion

6 Hydration
We need to drink enough water every day or else we will become dehydrated. Drinking water and eating water-based foods, fruits and vegetables are the ideal to combat dehydration. Water melon contains up to 92% of water and can therefore help in keeping us hydrated. Lettuce also contains a high percentage of water as well.

7 Helps in reducing inflammation
The lycopene that is found in water melon helps in reducing inflammation. This is beneficial to people who suffer from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Lycopene also neutralizes free radicals because it is an antioxidant.

8 watermelon helps in reducing muscle soreness
Anyone who does physical exercise or workout sessions has probably experienced muscle soreness. Eating water melon or drinking natural water melon juice before workout can help in reducing muscle soreness that occurs after physical exercise. The amino acids (arginine and citrulline) found in water melon are responsible for reducing muscle soreness.

Health risks
Everything that is taken in excess causes some health problems and water melon is not an exception. Those who have too much potassium in their system should not consume too much water melon or foods that are high in potassium. This condition is known as hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia can cause heart problems.

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