Our health is our greatest wealth. If you doubt this, try visiting the hospital and you will be convinced your health is a priceless treasure.

2015 is now in the past and here is another year for us to make the right choices when it concerns our health. Expect the best for 2016 and get it

 I will cut down on my sugar and replace artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners like honey

  I will drink more water and less sweet drinks, alcohol or beverages

 I will replace halve of my biscuits and cookies with any available fruit

 I will give up 150 minutes of watching TV, browsing on Facebook or whatsapp for 150 minutes of exercise each week

 I will buy more apples, oranges and fruits for my children instead of candies, cakes and ice-cream 

I will try as much as possible to eat at least one fruit a day and i will try my best to eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent diseases in the future

I will learn to forgive those who have hurt me and move on because unforgiveness affects my health negatively

I will pray to God every day, thanking him for giving me the grace to wake up in my own home and not in the hospital. If i am sick, i will thank him for restoring my good health and i will praise him for many more years of good health, long life, happiness and good success.

There are choices we must make to be healthy………

There are choices we must refuse to make to be healthy……. 

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    1. Dear Vera, You are 100% correct. its necessary to try to bring a change when you realize that people are on the path that leads to destruction because of ignorance. Life Booklet is a wonderful platform. It has so many inspirational and life changing messages to pass across. We are grateful for the time you took to stop by this site and drop your comments. Looking forward to learning from you.



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