How much water should we drink daily?

A lot of people always ask questions relating to how much water one can consume a day. Some health experts will say 6 glasses, others will say 8 while others will say drink till you are full. 

Remember that even if you are told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, it must not necessarily be in liquid form. The fruits we eat, drinks we drink also supply  a percentage of total amount of water we need a day. According to Dr Don Colbert, the author of The Seven Pillars of Health, we should calculate the required amount of water to drink daily as follows:

Take your weight in pounds and divide it by two. The result is how many ounces of water you should drink daily.
Therefore, if you weigh 120 pounds, you will need to drink 60 ounces of water daily.

This calculation takes into consideration that people have different ages, weights and can either be male or female.

Some people are not familiar with pounds and ounces.They are  familiar with kilograms and liters.  Here is how you will go about it if you are used to kilograms and liters.
  • take your weight in kilograms and multiply it by 2.2 to convert it to pounds. For example if i weigh 80 kg, my weight in in pounds will be 176 lbs
  • Divide the converted value in pounds by 2 to get the ounces of water you need to drink in a day. that is 176 divided by 2 which gives  88 ounces of water to drink daily
  • finally, you will have to convert 88 ounces to liters by multiplying 88 by 0.0295735 which gives  approximately 2.6 liters. (Remember that this 2.6 liters is a total of all the fluids that you take in; from pure water to soft drinks, fruits, vegetables and food)

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  1. Excellent post! I've even heard that you can drink too much water. Not sure if that's true or not. At least I know there is a formula to figuring out just how much.

    Diane Lynn

  2. Enter your comment...your research is awesome,keep it up.may God bless you.



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