The battle with tap water

Water is needed for the body to survive. We all know the health benefits of drinking water, but the important question we sometimes fail to ask is the right kind of water to drink. Not all water that looks clean is safe for drinking.
Of recent, health experts have been raising some concerns with respect to the water that is being supplied to us as tap water.
Here are some of the reasons why health scientist are raising concerns with respect to the safety of tap water being supplied to our homes.

1 Our tap water contains chlorine
The reason why some health experts are raising concerns that tap water is not very safe for drinking is because it contains chlorine. Chlorine is popularly known in the health world as an anti-vitamin. This means that chlorine destroys vitamins.
Chlorine is added to water as a means of purifying it, to make it safe for home use. However, some studies have showed that chlorine may be responsible for causing some cancers.

2 tap water contains fluorides
Adding fluorides to water is a common public health measure to treat water in developed countries. This fluoride is in the form of Sodium silicofluoride which is toxic to man when ingested. Fluoride has been shown to have a link between cancer, arthritis and osteosarcoma.
3 Tap water contains Aluminum
Aluminium is used to treat water.  This is because aluminium makes organic materials in water to coagulate and sediment. However after treatment, it is impossible to remove all traces of Aluminium in water. Aluminium when ingested is more dangerous that chlorine and fluoride. Aluminium has been found to cause cancers and Alzheimer’s disease

5 Pollution of water from the environment

Our environment contributes to water pollution. The sprays, pesticides, fertilizers, drugs, shampoos easily find their way into water that is being recycled for use. Rain also washes these chemicals into water supplies. 
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  1. 3 out of 5 Points you mentioned tells us that Tap water contains CANCER. And That Really Bad. Cancer is mostly Unreachable when on 3rd or 4th stage and its one of the Biggest Silent Killer Disease in the World increasing day by Day !
    but What our Governments and Health Departments are doing are they Sleeping ?

    1. Hello Roop Karma, this are some of the side effects of 'modernization'. This is why many people now install filters at home that filter water by reverse osmosis.



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