The Importance of Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest are very important in our lives and should not be ignored or taken for granted. There are a lot of people who don’t sleep, because they are distracted by movies or any other technology. For others they work round the clock, trying to make a living for themselves. No matter your situation, it is important to find time and rest for the following reasons:

1 Sleeping slows down the ageing process
So many Health experts have confirmed the essence of sleep in relation to slowing down aging.  Renewal of the skin and elimination of waste takes place during sleep.

2 Brain health
When you sleep your mind and body are renewed from the stress encountered from your activities of daily living. Sleep and rest has been found to increase brain activity. If you feel tired during the day and lack concentration on some activities because of brain fatigue, adequate sleep and rest can reverse the situation.

3 Helps in preventing anxiety, depression and other diseases
Adequate sleep and rest helps in reducing Cortisol levels. The stress that we go through during the day raises our cortisol levels. An increased cortisol level causes us to be more prone to anxiety and depression, which makes us susceptible to other diseases.

4 Helps in growth and hormone regulation
When we sleep, our body releases growth hormones which helps in growth.

5 Sex drive
Those who do not have adequate sleep may experience a low sex drive. The solution to a low sex drive at times is adequate sleep and rest. 
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