12 Health Benefits and uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very popular plant. It is very common to see people rubbing the gel on their skin or even consuming it for its numerous health benefits.
Aloe Vera is a powerful medicinal plant and has been used to treat so many conditions all over the world for many generations. Below are some of the many uses of aloe Vera.

1 Minor burns
The application of freshly extracted Aloe gel help in the healing of minor burns that are gotten from  hot oil, hot water, hot iron and other hot instruments. it also aids in the healing of other minor scratches on the body that are not gotten through burns. 

2 Healing of sun burns
Light skinned people who suffer from sunburns can apply freshly extracted Aloe gel to relieve themselves from the discomforts associated with sun burn.  Aloe Vera gel products are also available in stores, and super markets for this same purpose. 

3 Soothes Insect bites
Applying Aloe Vera to insect bites will help in relieving your skin from the itches associated with the bite. It is very common to see farmers applying Aloe Vera on their skin after returning home from the farm in Africa.

4 Some minor rashes
The anti-bacterial and anti- fungal and anti-viral properties of Aloe Vera makes it a suitable home remedy for minor rashes and eczema. This is achieved by applying Aloe Vera gel on the affected area until it disappears.

5 Pimples and Acne
Apply Aloe Vera gel on the affected part of the skin. Some people wash of the gel after allowing it to sit for some minutes while others prefer to apply the gel on their face overnight and wash it off first thing in the morning. 

6 Beautiful Hair
Apply Aloe Vera gel to your hair, allow it to set for about 30 minutes and rinse it off with water. This conditions the hair, makes it soft and gets rid of dandruff.

7 Beauty Treatment
Many skin care products have Aloe Vera as an ingredient. Applying the gel to the face aids in smoothening the skin and slowing down the formation of wrinkles. It also decreases dark spots on the skin as well. 

8 Helps in relieving Indigestion
This is achieved by sipping Aloe Vera juice.

9 Helps in constipation
Aloe Vera is used for constipation because of its laxative properties.

10 Diabetes
One study revealed that aloe vera juice is able to reduce blood glucose levels when consumed orally. 

11 Immune System Benefits
Aloe Vera contains anti- bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that will help our immune system to fight some seasonal infections like cough and some seasonal allergies.

12 Oral hygiene
One study has shown that Pure Aloe Vera gel can help in eliminating bacteria that causes plaque and it can also improve periodontal disease. This is achieved by using fresh Aloe Vera gel as a mouth wash. Aloe Vera gel also speeds up the healing of mouth sores when used as a mouth wash.

Side Effects of Consuming Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Gel contains a substance called anthraquinone which is a laxative and therefore, it can cause diarrhea. It can also interfere with some medications. It is important to consult with your doctor, nurse or nutritionist if you plan consume Aloe Vera for any health reasons.

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  2. Aloe vera is very beneficial plant by which you can cure any kind of problem. Whether it is acne, herpes, blemishes and constipation aloe vera is helpful in all problems. You can buy aloe vera gel from any store or if you want you can grow this plant in your backyard. If you drink aloe vera juice on a daily basis you will stay away from lots of internal problems.



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