12 Tips to grow long and beautiful afro hair


1 Your food is very important
Just like plants, your hair needs important nutrients to survive. Although it is necessary to take care of the exterior, we need nutrients to grow, survive and be healthy and our hair is not left out. Our hair needs protein amongst other nutrients to survive. Proteins are the building blocks of our hair and so it is necessary to eat enough proteins that will serve as the building block for a long and healthy hair.

Sources of protein include: eggs, milk, yogurt, fish, soya beans, chicken, cabbage, black beans, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes

2 Avoid manipulating and combing your hair all the time
Afro hair looks beautiful and you will always be tempted to touch and manipulate it often, trying out new styles but this is not a good idea. Every time you comb your hair, you break a few hair strands. It is also advisable to avoid constant pulling and twirling.

3 Help your hair to grow by protecting it
If your hair is growing and breaking off at the same rate, your hair will always be short. In addition to little manipulation, you will have to plait protective styles that will help your hair to grow. Braiding is an example of a protective style because there is little manipulation.

4 limit the use of heat
If you use flat irons and blow dryers often, it will cause dryness which will speedup hair breakage. avoid using heat and flat iron all the time. 

5 Don’t be afraid to trim your edges
Trimming your edges helps to get rid of split ends. Split ends always work their way right up to your shaft, causing more damage and breakage. You may ask your hair stylist to examine your hair and advise you on when to trim i.e every 3 months, 6 months or every year.

6 Avoid cotton pillow cases and head ties. Use satin instead
using satin prevents your strands from tangling. Cotton promotes hear breakage by making your hair to rub against each other.

7 Try braiding your hair loosely before bedtime
If you haven’t plaited anything on your hair, try plaiting loose twists or braids. This keeps the hair intact and protects your strands. It will also make combing and detangling easier.

8 Moisturize your hair before combing it
Always moisturize your dry hair before combing it. You can buy a moisturizer or you can still use clean water. This will make the hair soft and easier to comb.

9 Comb your hair properly
When you want to comb your hair, get the right comb size. Further more, divide your hair into sections before combing it. This makes it easier and puts less tension on your curly hair preventing breakage.
When combing your hair, begin from the end and work your way up to the shaft. Do not begin combing from the shaft to the edges. Also use your fingers to detangle your hair before using a comb. 

10 Drink enough water
water is very important for a healthy hair, skin and body. when our body becomes dehydrated, it comes with a lot of negative effects and our hair will often suffer the consequences.

11 Take care of your Hairline
it is very important to pay special attention to your hairline, especially the front. if you are keeping braids for a log time, always loosen and redo the front to avoid the hair from getting clogged. 
when plaiting your hair, avoid pulling the front hairline too because this can uproot your hair right from the scalp and cause baldness.

12 Treat your hair once in a while
Always make it a routine to apply hair treatment on your hair. it can be done by your hair dresser or you can make home made hair treatments and do it your self. 

Hair Treatment with avocado paste
Make a paste out of the following:
  • one ripe pear
  • one egg yolk
  • one table spoon of olive oil or coconut oil.  
If the quantity is small for your hair, you can double the amount of the ingredients. Massage the paste into your hair and scalp. Put on a shower cap and sit under the hair dryer for ten minutes or live it on for 30 minutes.
Wash off the paste with clean water.  This treatment will make your hair soft, shine and will strengthen your hair. 

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