Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables from home is trending now in the lives of those who are living a healthy life. But what is Juicing? It simply means extracting the juice out of fruits and vegetables.

This is achieved with the help of a juicer or juice extractor. Some people always ask, why not just eat the fruit and vegetable instead of wasting time to extract the juice before consuming it? Well here are some health benefits of juicing.

1 Your body receives nutrients almost instantly
Juicing helps in extracting the nutrients out of fruits and vegetables. When you juice, you skip the process of chewing.  Furthermore, the process of absorption and digestion will be faster compared to when you ate whole fruits or vegetables.

The process of juicing is also very beneficial for patients who have been hospitalized. This is because most of the time they have lost the appetite to eat and juicing their fruits and vegetables will make them take in a huge quantity of nutrients with just one sip. This will greatly enhance the healing process.

2 You spend little time to consume a large quantity of nutrients
Juicing makes you consume great quantities of fruits and vegetables. A glass of carrot juice may be equivalent to I kg of fresh carrots.

Juicing also saves time from hundreds of bites and thousands of chewing. Furthermore, the work time table of the majority of people is very tight and time consuming such that they may miss breakfast and even lunch. But with juicing they will take few seconds to consume what would have cost them an hour 

3 You can easily consume healthy foods that have an unpleasant taste
Aloe vera has so many health benefits when consumed but are you able to eat a whole leave? Bitter leaf and ginger also have unpleasant taste.
However they are packed with health benefits and juicing makes it easier to consume. These unpleasant foods can also be mixed with sweet fruits like pineapple, carrots or orange to mask the unpleasant taste

4 You will receive more nutrients
In order to get the best out of food, you have to chew it properly so that it becomes ready for absorption and digestion.

However, some people do not take time to chew properly before swallowing and as a result of this not all the nutrients will be released for digestion and absorption in the stomach and small intestines.

Juicing breaks down the food to cellular level making it ready for absorption and digestion and almost all the nutrients will be absorbed.

Despite these health benefits of juicing, it is still important to consume whole fruits because juicing extracts the nutrients and leaves out the important fiber that helps in digestion and prevents constipation.

Some fruits and vegetables have the greatest health benefits when consumed in whole too. So juicing shouldn't be a replace the process of eating whole foods. 
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