Purify Your Drinking Water At Home By installing A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Drinking water is good for our health. But the most important question we fail to ask is if we are drinking the right kind of water.  There are many different sources of water and not all of them are good for health.
The need for water purification is very essential in the 21st century. We have evolved with time and the side effects of this evolution (pollution) has also had its toll on the safety of drinking water.
There exist safe sources of drinking water that have been filtered through reverse osmosis like “tangui” water being sold in Cameroon.

You may be tempted to ask why people are buying reverse osmosis filters or bottled water. It is because some health experts have raised have questioned the safety of tap water for drinking. They are:

1. Tap water contains Aluminum
Aluminium is used to treat water.  This is because aluminium makes organic materials in water to coagulate and sediment. However after treatment, it is impossible to remove all traces of Aluminium in water. Aluminium when ingested is more dangerous that chlorine and fluoride. Aluminium has been found to cause cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

 2 Tap water contains fluorides
Adding fluorides to water is a common public health measure to treat water in developed countries. This fluoride is in the form of Sodium silicofluoride which is toxic to man when ingested. Fluoride has been shown to have a link between cancer, arthritis and osteosarcoma.

According to the World Health Organization, low levels of fluoride consumption can help in preventing dental caries. However they have also pointed out that excessive consumption of Fluorides can cause skeletal fluorosis which is characterized by painful and stiff joints.  

3 Our tap water contains chlorine
Some health experts such as Dr. Don Colbert have raised concerns, stating that tap water is not very safe for drinking is because it contains chlorine. 

Chlorine is popularly known in the health world as an anti-vitamin. This means that chlorine destroys vitamins.

Chlorine is added to water as a means of purifying it, to make it safe for home use. However, some studies have showed that chlorine may be responsible for causing some cancers.

4 Tap water may contain microorganisms
The water that flows from the taps in some towns can be brown in color. This may be because underground pipes may have cracks that allow impurities to get in.

The solution: Purifying Water by Reverse Osmosis

How does water filtration by Reverse Osmosis work?
Reverse Osmosis works by which salts, impurities and heavy metals are removed from water whereby tap water is made to flow through a semipermeable membrane under pressure.

This semipermeable membrane allows only water to pass through. Reverse osmosis also stabilizes the pH, optimizes the mineral balance of water, removes any a pathogens/microbes and reduces heavy metals.
This filter doesn't require the use of electricity to function. 

Water filtration by reverse osmosis is available in Cameroon and is being supplied by MelHRcons & Safety Associates International at a very cheap and affordable price.
Contact: +237 6988 27 699

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