While weight gain is a cause to celebrate for some people. However, weight gain takes its toll on others by making them sad and depressed. Weight gain is not bad as long as your Body Mass Index (BMI)is normal.

However, if gaining weight causes you to be overweight or obese, you have to find out why you have gained weight. Being overweight and obese is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and stroke. Here are some of the causes of weight gain.

1 Your energy IN is greater than energy OUT
Most of the time, we gain weight because we don’t use all the energy that we take in. this energy is gotten from  from the things we eat such as food and drinks. After we take in this energy, will spend it through processes like metabolism, breathing and physical exercise.

When we do not use up this energy, the excess is stored in our body causing weight gain.
Weight gain is a gradual process and it takes weeks. In order to maintain a healthy weight, the energy IN and energy OUT need to be balanced.

2 Biological factors such as genes and family history
As you may have noticed, family history and genes play a little role in the weight of  a person. The genes of some people may make their body store more fat than others. Furthermore, those who have a family history of overweight and obesity may likely become obese.

3 Pregnancy
Apart from the baby's weight that adds up to weight gain, a woman's body naturally gains some weight to support herself and the growing baby.

After having given birth, some women fail to workout in order to burn the extra weight that was gained during pregnancy. This therefore results in overweight and even obesity.

4 Age
Weight gain comes with age. Many people tend to have extra fat deposited around their abdomen as they grow older. As some people grow old, they tend to be caught up with the activities of life and become less active.

5 State of the mind
The state of one's mind can cause him to eat too much food. Some people eat more when they are stressed. Others eat more when they are angry or when they have nothing to do. If this continues for long, it will cause weight gain

6 Medication

Some medicines have weight gain as a side effect. It is important to discuss with your doctor on the side effects of using medicines such as corticosteroids and antidepressants. oral contraceptives have also been linked to weight gain in women who use them.

7 Addiction to junk food

Some people are addicted to junk food without knowing it. In order to keep track of yourself, have a food diary so that you will be able to compare if you eat more junk food and less fruits and vegetables. Junk food is so tasty and contains less nutrients and more calories which contribute greatly to weight gain.

8  little or no physical exercise

The lack of physical exercise can contribute to weight gain. It is recommended that we put in at least 150 mins of exercise every week in order to stay healthy. 

Although some people may be busy with their activities of daily living, others are busy leading an inactive lifestyle such as watching TV for long hours.

9 You eat large portion sizes
Weight gain might result when we eat large portions of food, even when we are not really hungry. In order to avoid eating large portion sizes, try drinking a glass of water before you eat.

The good news is that you can lose weight through dieting, physical exercise and supplementing it with a good weight loss product such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea or Raspberry Ketone. 

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