Pregnant Women who are in Labour should Avoid drinking Large quantities of Honey

The process of Labour and childbirth is still to be understood by many, especially by women developing countries. It is becoming a common practice for women who are in labor to drink large quantities of honey (almost 2 littres) when labour begins. 

This is done because these women believe that drinking large amounts of honey will speed up the labour process. It is important for these women to decease from this habit because honey in itself can increase contractions during labour. 

This is very dangerous because an increase in the intensity of contractions when the cervix is not yet dilated and when the baby has not yet descended into the pelvis can cause the following:
  • The baby can get tired and this can cause a condition known as foetal distress. 
  • Prolonged foetal distress can lead to still birth or death within the first few hours of life
  • It can cause the mother to become too tired and she may not be able to deliver her baby. 
  • It can lead to uterine rupture, where the womb gets torn due to very very strong contractions. Uterine rupture is a medical emergency and it can lead to both maternal foetal death. 
It is for these reasons that women in labour are advised not to drink honey. They are rather encouraged to eat well to have enough energy for the process of labour and delivery.  Honey is safe during pregnancy but it should not be abused.
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