How to Make Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at Home

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural oil and many people use it because of its numerous health benefits.
Organic Coconut Oil

 However, the cost of coconut oil can make you miss out on so many of its uses. People use coconut oil for weight loss, hair growth and treatment, protection against hair damage and so on. Unrefined coconut oil works best and this post will teach you how to make your own organic virgin coconut oil.

1) Get some coconut and remove the coconut from its shell and rinse very well with water.

2) Cut the coconut into smaller slices so that you can blend it with your blender. If you do not have a blender, use a grater to grate the coconut.If you are going to use a blender, add warm water to it to facilitate the blending process. If you used a grater, pour look warm water into the grated coconut.

3)  Use a sieve or a piece of cloth to separate the milk from the chaff.

4) when you are done separating the milk from the chaff, keep the coconut milk in the fridge or in a cool place overnight.
The next day, you will realize that the white semi-solid part (coconut oil ) has separated from the water. The white part will freeze at the top like a frozen lake.

5) Remove the white part (which is the coconut oil) and put into a clean and dry pot. Put it on the fire and slowly bring it to boil.

6) After it has boiled and the remaining water has evaporated, you will begin to see the coconut oil in the pot

7) Let it fry until the coconut particles become brown

8) Use a cloth to separate the oil from the charred bits

9) And there's your coconut oil

With the numerous health benefits and uses of coconut oil, you should be making yours at home.

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