World Cancer day 2017: All what you need to know about this Disease

February 4th is World Cancer day. Its theme for 2016-2018 is " We can, I can". The World Health Organization has urged all individuals, families and organizations to unit and fight against cancer through regular screenings.

Key Facts about Cancer
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldide and it was estimated that about 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2012. It is also important to note that more than 70% of deaths related to cancer occur in countries that have limited resources for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment od Cancer. Cancer affects all parts of the body, from the lungs, breast, cervix, colon, rectum right to the stomach.  In 2012, about 14.1 people were diagnosed with cancer. It is also expected that this number will increase as a result of unhealthy diets and lifestyle
WHO/World Cancer day have predicted that the number of cancer cases will rise within the next decade

Objectives of the World Cancer Day:
  • Educating communities about cancer diseases and means to prevent them.
  • Taking a positive attitude to combat cancer at the level of individuals, community, governments and international organizations.
  • Emphasizing that solutions are possible and available, and we as individuals, government and governmental institutions and agencies can provide means of support, awareness and prevention of cancer.
  • Harnessing efforts, capabilities and motivations for positive change and work to be open up to possibilities and expectations of positive impact on the global burden of cancer.
 According to, the top 5 frequent breast cancers are:
  • Lung Cancer
  • Breast Cancer: it affects mostly women. Knowing the signs and symptoms, risk factors and going for regular checkups will help in early diagnosis and treatment.
  •  Colorectal cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Stomach cancer

Research says the cause of cancer is not known but diet and lifestyle may be a risk factor. However, some Health and wellness coaches believe cancer is caused by the health care industry to make millions and are therefore urging people to return to natural fruits and vegetables to avoid cancer causing chemicals that are being added to our modern drinks and diet. 

Others believe that cancer can be reversed by making prominent changes to our diet. 

Ministry of Health portal of Saudi Arabia
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