The way a burn is handled a few seconds after the accident has a great role to play in the healing process. Here are things to do immediately after you get burnt;

1) Immerse the burn in a bowl of tap water. This helps to cool the site and prevent further damage. If the area cannot be immered in a bowl, allow tap water to flow over the area.

2) Assess the burn. If it is a second degree and the area is larger than 3 cm, you should probably take it to the nearest health facility.

3) Know your history. If you are a diabetic, don't waste time trying to manage the least wound at home. Diabetic wounds that are not handled with care often grow larger and take a longer time to heal.

4) Apply cold compress to the area by soaking a piece of clean cloth in tap water and placing it ontop of the burn.

5) Take an over the counter pain killer such as Ibuprofen and acetaminophen. This will help relieve the pain associated with the burn.

6) Apply some antibiotic ointment on a first degree burn and cover it with some gauze. You may need a tape to secure the gauze over a small second degree burn to prevent infection.

7) Some Home remedies such as natural honey and aloe vera will help if you apply on a first degree burn. and a small second degree burn. However, beware of some home remedies because applying them on open wounds can cause an infection.

8) Get your anti tetanus vacine to prevent tetanus

A first degree burn will usually get healed within a week, a second degree burn can take up to 3 weeks to get healed while third and 4th degree burns will take more than 4 weeks to get healed.


 Below, you will find the common mistakes we make after having a burn

1) Do not rub the burnt area or place your hand on it. This might aggravate the situation and cause more damage
2) Do not place the affected area in hot water because this will worsen the situation.
3) Do not apply ice directly to the burn because it will aggravate the situation. Even though applying ice directly may seem to work within the first few minutes, it is capable of causing ice burns.
4) Do not use water for a very short time especially if it is a first degree of small second degree burn. 
5) Allow the blister to pop on its own. You might be tempted to pop the blister but doing so can cause an infection. Should the blister pop accidentally, emmidiately apply an ointment to prevent the wound from getting infected. Applying honey or freshly extracted aloe vera gel will help prevent bacteria infection and help the wound heal faster.
6) Do not expose the burn to heat or sun. This will slow down the healing process and can cause blisters to develop.
7) Do not apply a greasy substance such as butter. This will keep the wound moist and slow down the healing process. If you do so, the wound will always be wet and bacteria will easily grow.

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