6 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water first thing in the Morning on an Empy Stomach

Water is very essential for our overall health and wellbeing. Some people start their mornings with a cup of coffee, some with cold water. Many health experts  recommend that we start our day by drinking a glass of warm water, preferably with infusions such as lemon, lime or green tea because all of these help to fight free radicals and furthermore, it provides the most benefits. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach will offer the following health benefits:

1 It relieves constipation
Warm water helps improve bowel movements thus preventing and relieving constipation. It also facilitates the peristaltic movement of food in our bowels. You can add lemon or honey for extra benefits.

2 it improves blood circulation
Warm water can eliminate fatty deposits in your vessels. This increases the overall diameter of your vessels thus increasing the volume of blood circulating. Warm water will also increase your metabolic rate leading to an increase in blood circulation.

3 It improves digestion
Warm water is able to melt fats as opposed to cold water which solidifies it making digestion slow. Warm water will also stimulate your digestive system.

4 Weight loss
When you drink a glass of warm water, your temperature increases and this in turn increases your metabolic rate. With an increased metabolic rate, calories will be burnt faster leading to weight loss. 

5 It relieves menstrual cramps
Those suffering from mild headache or menstrual cramps can take a glass of warm water every morning. This will help to relax the muscles.

6 Warm water helps in preventing premature ageing
A glass of warm water can help detoxify our body and get rid of toxins. This can help in preventing premature ageing.

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