Having an injury is a painful experience. Injuries especially to our extremities are often accompanied by swelling. It is important to know how to deal with a swollen leg or arm, because it has a big role to play in the healing process.

 1) Make a cold compress

withing the first 48 hours post injury, it is necessary to apply a cold compress because it will numb the nerve endings thereby reducing the pain. Furthermore, the cold compress will help reduce inflammation. It will also constrict the blood vessels which will limit bleeding.
when using a cold compress, do it for about 20 minutes, then rest for about 20 minutes before you continue.

2) Warm compress

After about 24 hours, you can apply a warm compress or alternate it with cold compress. Warm compress helps in dilating the blood vessels and in so doing, oxygenated blood will flow to the tissues which will supply oxygen and nutrients to promote healing.

3) Elevate the leg

This is very crucial. elevating the leg will prevent the accumulation of fluids  (edema) there by reducing swelling. Pillows can be used to elevate the affected limb.

4) Leave the leg or arm alone

Most at times after an injury, we always want to act as if its no big deal by walking around or doing some daily exercises. This is a big mistake. After about 24-48 hours, the affected extremity may swell uncontrollably. Always rest the arm or leg for about 72 hours.

5 Warm and cold water

If you don't have the time to do warm and cold compress, use warm and cold water instead Put warm and cold water in two different buckets. Put the affected part in warm water for about 10 minutes then transition to the cold bucket of water for another 10 minutes. The warm water will help in blood circulation while the cold water will help in reducing inflammation and  provide relief.
This method should not be used if you have a wound because it can cause further injury and an infection might develop


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