Are you happy with your present health condition? If yes then keep doing the things you have been doing to ensure that you have a healthy future. If you are not happy with your present health condition, it means something happened yesterday to make you be like this today. You may be suffering from hypertension, obesity, gout or stress.
 Yesterday is gone. you cannot change yesterday, but you can do something today that will change tomorrow. 
You may not be able to reverse that stroke at this instant
You may not be able to shed 20 kilo grams this instant
You may not be able to instantly reverse that hypertension
You may not be able to change X or Y this instant, but you can take new decisions today and reposition your lifestyle which will change your future!

Here's what you have to do, INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE TODAY!. Refuse to give up! Refuse to end your life wishing you were someone else!

No one was born to die of hypertension. No one was born to live with obesity and painful joints. our lifestyle, choices and actions of yesterday got us where we are today.

Become responsible for your future!
There are things you must do in order that your dream future becomes a reality. There is one thing in life we all have in common, but is limited in supply. Once it is gone, it is gone. What is this thing? TIME!

Monitor your time, use it and most importantly, keep track of your time. We don't have extra time because our life is not a movie where we can rewind. Therefore, you have to make each second of your life count. 
Strive to improve your life everyday by using your time wisely. Use your time to do something that will change your future. Have a road map. You can make an effort to give up 10 minutes of sleep for exercise. You can train your mind to go for something healthy instead of eating junk food.

If there is a book that you think buying will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle then save up and buy that book!

If giving up some particular foods will help you have your dream size tomorrow then do it!

Remember that success is waiting for the man/woman who plans for it, who says "I will stop doing this!" and he does it, who says " I will do this!" and he does it.

Time is important. The clock is ticking! Don't waste it! the future starts now.
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