Coconut oil is gaining grounds and attraction world wide. It is becoming an essential ingredient in many hair and skin care products. 

It has anti microbial properties making  it one of the best oils to use for skin. In Africa, coconut oil, palm Kernel oil, olive oil and so many others are used to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays and to keep it soft and beautiful.

Coconut oil is being used by models and many others in the beauty industry to get smooth skin. Here are 5 amazing ways to use coconut oil:

1) Makeup Remover

The chemicals found in most make up removers can be harmful and irritating over time. Coconut Oil can be used as a make up remover. It is natural and has no additives in it. You can even decide to make your own coconut oil at home to be sure no chemical is added to it, something you cant be sure of if your purchase the commercial ones.

Simply apply it to your face and use a paper towel to wipe your face. Thanks to its antimicrobial and moisturizing properties, not only will  coconut oil remove make up, it will also get rid of pimples and leave your face soft.

2 Replace your body lotion with coconut oil to get a soft, smooth  and shiny skin
Dr Axe recommends rubbing coconut oil on the skin to get rid of dryness and he even goes further to state that coconut oil is one of the best remedies for this condition.

3) Apply coconut oil on dry hands to make it soft

Applying coconut oil on your hands will make it soft and supple. If you are constantly exposed to chemicals such as detergents, apply coconut oil regularly to counteract this effect.

4) Shaving Gel

Applying coconut oil on our skin before shaving it will help in preventing ingrown hairs and after shave bumps. It will also keep our skin moisturized.

5) Prevent minor skin conditions + weight loss

Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, minor skin conditions such as pimples eczema and some rashes can be prevented by applying coconut oil on our skin.
consuming coconut oil will help you loss weight. This is because it is able to suppress your appetite, making you eat less. This is due to the presence of medium chain triglycerides that gives the feeling of fullness.
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