Are you looking forward to loosing a few kilograms? Then you need to make a checklist to guide you on your journey. Remember weight loss is a change in lifestyle, you therefore have to enjoy the journey.
If your weight loss strategies are expensive, painful and boring then you need to find another strategy that will be fun. Having a weight loss checklist similar to the one below will help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

1 Drink water instead of sugary drinks that are always high in calories and zero in nutrients

2 Drink a glass of water before you eat

3 Reduce your intake of junk food, safe these for occasions which of course are not regular

4 Do some form of exercise for 30 minutes daily. These includes walking  sit ups or push ups depending on your age

5 If you have the time, try juicing some fruits or make  smoothies and take along as you go.

6 Try to take breakfast, a healthy one of course. This is the perfect time to take the smoothies you made. Skipping breakfast will make you more hungry and consume more than is required, plus you will be tempted to take unhealthy snacks

7 Plant Based diets as opposed to processed foods are very excellent for weight loss. They contain nutrients important for the functioning of our body and not the junk plus excess calories found in most processed foods
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