25 Weight Loss Tips|Tricks You Wish You Had Known (Evidence Based)

There are so many weight loss products, diets and programs on the internet. This means that many people are actually searching for real solutions for weight loss. 

Apparently, weight loss is not a mystery, it is surrounded by little tricks and tips. If you interview anyone who has ever lost a few kilograms, he or she is sure to give you some weight loss tips/tricks.

Here are some weight loss tips and tricks that will help you shed more pounds and enhance your weight loss journey

1 Don't Kill yourself with a "Diet"
There are so many diets on the Internet. Some work while others do not work. The down side of most diets is that they are not centered around real life, they make you buy a list of foods that are not easily available and it is easier to get bored on a restricted diet.

People who focus on diets often tend to gain the weight back in the long run when they return to their normal diet (1)

Instead of going in for crazy diets, strive to eat healthy. You certainly can't avoid all foods for ever. We have seen diets that restrict people from eating all fruits that are sweet. It makes no sense for you to get rid of papaya, pineapple, banana, watermelon, oranges etc because these fruits are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. 

2 Limit your intake sweetened beverages
Studies have associated the consumption of sugar drinks (especially carbonated soft drinks with overweight and obesity (2). 

Another study has also shown that consuming sugar sweetened drinks is associated with obesity in children (3).

Furthermore, higher consumption of sugar sweetened beverages can cause weight gain in women and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. This is because these sweet drinks are high in calories and have large amounts of readily absorbable sugars (4,5).

3 Eat your food slowly
Eating food slowly has been associated with appetite control (6). Controlling appetite helps in weight loss because you will not eat more than what you require. 

4 Eat more fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins that are needed to ensure proper growth and well being. 
One study has linked the consumption of fruits and vegetables to weight loss (7).

Fruits and vegetables aid in weight loss because they are generally low in calories and therefore consuming a plate of fruits and vegetables may be equivalent to consuming one cookie.

However, you need to eat within your daily calorie requirements if not you might still gain weight. 

5 Do Exercise
Exercise is able to help you lose weight. Researchers have further supported the use of exercise as a weight loss intervention (8). Other forms of exercise include walking, jogging, running.

6 Get rid of snacks that are high in calorie
This makes sense. If you keep high calorie snacks like biscuits, cookies, sweet drinks, then you will be tempted to eat them even when you are not hungry.

7 Carry healthy snack with you
Healthy snacks like apples, carrots, etc can safe you from eating unhealthy food when you get hungry. 

8 Fruit Juice may have nothing to do with the fruit so limit it

Findings from studies have also showed that commercial fruit juices are just sugary drinks and many have nothing to do with the fruit itself(9). 
Furthermore, sugary drinks have been associated with with type 2 diabetes (1011).

9 Eat in small plates
Eating in smaller plates can help you keep your portion sizes under control. 

10 Eat foods rich in protein
Eating protein foods can help in weight maintenance and weight loss (12). 
High protein diets can help in weigh loss by boosting our metabolism and thereby increasing energy expenditure(13).

11 Beat your food cravings

Sometimes, we eat only because we are addicted to food, and not necessarily because we are hungry.

If you calculate your daily calorie requirements and compare it to what you are consuming daily, you will realize that you are actually eating way more than you should, not because you are hungry but because you are addicted to food. 
Beating food addiction will help in weight loss. 

12 Limit your consumption of table sugar
Sugar, just like sweet carbonated drinks can cause weight gain and obesity. It is advisable to replace sugar with other healthier sweeteners like honey or molasses. 

13 Limit consumption of refined  carbs
The most common foods that are made with refined carbs are pasta, bread, cookies and cakes. These refined foods have been over processed and stripped off their natural fibers and nutrients. Refined carbs have been associated with weight gain and obesity(14).

14 Drink water

Drinking water especially before meals can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Water helps you get fuller and thus you eat less.

15 Drink Green Tea
Green tea increases fat metabolism thereby bringing about weight loss (15). 
Another study also showed that adding green tea supplements to a low calorie diet can bring about weight loss (14 kg) after 90 days when compared to those who are only on a low calorie diet (5 kg) for the same 90 days (16).

Green tea and its products can be found on WeightWorldOrtte website and Le luna beauty store

16 Drink coffee
coffee contains caffeine and studies have showed that taking caffeine can cause weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation (17).
Caffeine is also found in green tea and dark chocolate. 

17 Take weight loss supplements
Taking weight loss supplements can help in the management of weight loss
Here is an articles that might be of help when choosing weight loss supplements: Top 6 Weight Loss Products and Supplements that Work

18 Eat super foods that can bring about weight loss
Eating weight loss friendly foods can speed up your weight loss journey. Weight loss friendly foods are simply low in calories and high in nutrients and vitamins. most fruits and vegetables are weight loss friendly. 
Here is an article about super foods for weight loss: 13 foods that have been scientifically proven to enhance weight loss

19 Take whey protein
studies have showed that whey protein can bring about weight loss. whey protein can regulate satiety leading to weight loss (18).

Furthermore, the presence of caseinomacropeptide has been shown to be effective at limiting body fat expansion (19).

A high whey protein diet has also been shown to decrease body weight and increase insulin sensitivity (20).

20 Avoid eating at night
Its best to avoid eating at night, because your body is at a resting stage and will not burn calories when compared to when you are awake

21 You can still eat what you love and lose weight by monitoring your calories
The NHS researchers have come up with the body weight  planner to help you set goals for weight loss (21). Through this, you can be able to estimate when you are going over the bar, or your daily limit.
Therefore, if you are consuming 1700 calories daily to lose weight, who says you cant spend 500 calories eating the things you love?

22 lose water weight
Some of your weight may be as a result of excess water. losing water weight is crucial for weight loss.

Here is a detailed post that teaches you how to lose water weight: 8 effective and safe ways to lose water weight and slim down

23 Set weight loss goals

setting weight loss goals is helpful. if you want to lose 10 kg in 2 months, you have to work towards the goal. the body planner can help you set goals and achieve them.

24 Get adequate sleep
poor sleeping patterns have been associated with weight gain  and obesity in children and adults(22). It is important for us to get enough sleep.

25 Focus on becoming a more healthier you and weight loss will come as a reward
Focusing on weight loss alone is not as easy as you think. People who diet for the purpose of weight loss most often always regain the weight back. 

Embarking on a life long healthy journey is one of the best options to sustaining weight loss. If you eat 90% healthy food and 20% junk you will become a more healthier you. 

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