Health Trader Affiliate Network Review for Health Bloggers

Affiliate networks constitute a good source of income for bloggers. Monetizing a health blog requires health bloggers to actually sign up for a health affiliate network as opposed to popular affiliate networks such as amazon, CJ, Avangate among others.

In this post we are going to discover one of the highest paying health affiliate network for a health blog.
let us get started.

What is Health Trader?
HealthTrader constitutes a team of web professionals who are passionate about affiliate marketing. They are based in London England and they are rapidly expanding to other countries in and out of Europe.

HealthTrader is is a healthcare marketing company and their web-based tracking platforms allows the online seller|merchant|retailer to reward affiliates(those who promote or recommend the products).

The products all have a pre-determined commission value, for example if someone buys because you recommended, you may be rewarded with a percentage of 50% for example.

Who can Use HealthTrader?
Both merchants and affiliates use HealthTrader. With respect to affiliates, bloggers are the most suitable people.

HealthTrader is unique in that they accept affiliates from all over the world. They have no problem if you have many sites.

What are commissions do they offer their affiliates?
Their rewards are performance based. Some products have up to 50% commissions and others usually go higher during festive periods. They also offer promotional codes for buyers so that they get a discount.

Furthermore, if a health blogger is constantly above the default commission tier at the end of the month, they will be manually assigned  a higher commission tier.

How will readers benefit from all these?
HealthTrader is one of the companies that makes sure everyone benefits. Readers often get discounts when renewing their orders. 

Secondly, they also get promotional codes that gives discounts of about 5% on their purchases and furthermore, buying in bulk (2 or more) often has an added advantage, for example if they buy 3 bottles of a product, they get the 4th bottle free.
These type of offers are not easy to come by in our regular shops and supermarkets. 

What type of products do they have?
HealthTrader has a range of products that covers almost all aspects of health. They have offers for weight loss, sexual and reproductive health, beauty, etc. They also have online clinics and pharmacies where people can consult with physicians online and purchase prescription meds online. 

What is the Cost of using HealthTrader?
HealthTrader is completely free, no sign up fees or what so ever and you pay no charges when withdrawing what you have earned. 

Will HealthTrader close your account if you do not make sales?
No. HealthTrader knows that these things take time. Therefore even if you do not make a sale, they will not be up on your neck, threatening to close your account as commonly seen with other networks.

Can HealthTrader recommend which product to promote?
HealthTrader is a very transparent network and even though they don't tell you what to promote, they have materials to help you decide which is best for you for example merchants are fond of providing top performing products and keyword research to help you decide on which offer to promote. 

With respect to payments, when do health bloggers get paid?  and what are the payment options?
HealthTrader doesn't have any fees for processing your payments. As soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold, you will be paid within the first 3 working days following the 1st and 15th of the month. 

HealthTrader pays through Paxum, Paypal and International Bank Transfer. If you wish to be paid through another method, you will contact your account manager.

Is there a minimum amount before payments can be made?
HealthTrader has a minimum amount before payments can be made. 
  •  Free, no payment processing fee
  •  $134.29 (£100.00) payment threshold
  •  Twice monthly payment
Bank/Wire Transfer
  •  Free, no payment processing fee
  •  $268.57 (£200.00) payment threshold
  •  Monthly payment

  •  Free, no payment processing fee
  •  $134.29 (£100.00) payment threshold
  •  Twice monthly payment
How do they Track?
Tracking periods differ from product to product and it depends on the cookie range. some products offer 30 or 60 days tracking period.They also track repeated conversions provided it is within the cookie period. 

HealthTrader is very reliable. Their commission rates are very high and they don't deal with scam products.
They have good products and online clinics where readers can consult with physicians online and buy prescription drugs without having to waste time driving to the hospital. They also have promotional tools and resources to help health bloggers.

Want to know more about HealthTrader? Visit their website at to sign up or to learn more.

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