How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss (Backed by Research)

The use of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. It has many health benefits ranging from hair care, skin care, weight loss and overall wellbeing. Both Scientific and anecdotal testimonies have corroborated the use of apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

How is apple Cider Vinegar made?
People make apple cider vinegar at home by slicing apples, and putting it into a tight jar. The jar is then filled to the brim with sugar dissolved in water. The sugar serves as food for the fermentation process. it is kept in a cool place for about 4 weeks and the resulting liquid is apple cider vinegar which has a shelf life of 6 months. Acetic acid is the main component of apple cider vinegar. 

How does Apple Cider Vinegar cause weight loss?
Here are scientifically proven ways in in which apple cider vinegar causes weight loss. The main compound responsible for this is acetic acid. 

1) ACV prevents the accumulation of fats
One study has revealed that acetic acid can suppress the accumulation of fats thereby leading to weight management(1). Acetic acid was also found to have anti-obesity and type-2 diabetic effects on type 2 diabetic rats (2). 

2) ACV suppresses your appetite
One study showed that acetic acid has a direct role on appetite regulation (3). 

3) Beneficial for metabolism.
Studies on mice have showed that acetic acid is beneficial for metabolism(4).

What type of ACV is best for Weight loss?
If you know how to make ACV at home, that would be the best version.
Alternatively, you should purchase any brand of ACV that is organic, raw,unpasteurized, unfiltered and includes the "mother".

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight loss Recipe
One study revealed that ACV induced a significant reduction in weight gain in animals that were treated with 0.5ml/kg (5). 
This means an average adult who weight 70 kg will consume 35ml of ACV daily which is about 2.4 table spoons. 

simply multiply our body weight by 0.5 ml to get the amount of ACV you will need to consume daily. If this will be difficult, simply take 2 table spoons of ACV daily.

 Add 2 table spoons to a glass cup of preferably warm water and drink it every morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

Do not forget to use ACV in making salad creams. Remember every weight loss strategy is highly effective when combined with proper nutrition and exercise.

Drug interactions and side effects
No side effects of ACV have been reported. However, it is advisable to stick too the daily consumptions of  2 tbs daily.
ACV may also interact with medications such as diuretics.

One girl suffered from erosive tooth decay and it was as a result of consuming a glass of ACV daily(6). 

Other uses for ACV

ACV has other benefits for skin and hair. you can read more here: 
7 health benefits and uses of ACV
Top 6 uses of ACV for hair 

How much weight can you lose with apple cider vinegar?

Again this largely depends on the individual. you will see results faster if you watch what you eat and engage in some form of exercise. If you watch your nutrition and lifestyle, you may begin to see results as from the 4th week.

One study conducted on human subjects in japan showed that those who consume 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of vinegar  for 12 weeks will lose 1.7 kg, 0.9% decrease in body fat percentage and 1.9 cm decrease in waist circumference (7). 

Where to buy a trusted brand of apple cider vinegar that is organic, unprocessed, raw, unfiltered and contains the "mother"
In order to lose weight, you have to make sure you are buying the real apple cider vinegar. This is because anything can be manufactured today to mimmick the original. You can find ACV in most health shops, stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. 

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