How to Use Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Green coffee bean extract is one of the famous sought after supplement for weight loss. It is extracted from green coffee bean. Green coffee bean extract can be used by itself or combined with other supplements to get a multi supplement. 
In this article, we will look at how green coffee bean extract work and whether studies have confirmed its effectiveness or not.

What is green coffee beans?
Green coffee beans are green in color. when harvested locally, they are dried and sold to companies. This coffee bean is roasted and sold either in its full form or in powdered form. 

Green coffee bean contains 2 compounds that make it suitable for weight loss, caffeine and chlorogenic acid. 

How does Green Coffee Bean bring about weight loss?
Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid, 2 compounds that have been shown to enhance weight loss.
Clorogenic acid influences fat and glucose metabolism while caffeine increases the breakdown of fats. 

One study examined the efficacy of commercial green coffee extract in reducing weight in overweight adults for a period of 22 weeks. 
At the end of the study, not only did the weights drop significantly, they also saw a reduction on body mass index and percent body fats (1).

Furthermore, green coffee bean extract combined with a low calorie diet affects lipid metabolism and fat accumulation which makes it an inexpensive weight loss method for obese and overweight people (2). 

A study showed that coffee(especially dark roasted) reduces body weight in humans. They further found out that dark roast coffee is more effective at reducing body weight than light roast coffee (3). 

One study investigated the effect of a green tea caffeine mixture on weight loss in moderately obese humans.
At the end of the study, they  concluded that high caffeine intake can cause weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation (4

Uses, side effects and caution
Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine. Therefore those who are allergic to caffeine or have been restricted from caffeine should avoid taking green coffee bean extract. 

Taking excessive amounts of caffeine has been associated with anxiety, insomnia and rapid heartbeat.

Generally, when taking any green coffee bean extract, follow the recommended dosage on the container. 

Where to get green coffee Bean extract

Green coffee Plus and Green Coffee Pure found on Weightworld are 2 brands that contain green coffee bean extract.

Our regular coffee bean is the same as green coffee bean, the only difference is that our regular coffee bean has been roasted. Studies have showed that when green coffee bean is roasted, its potency can reduce by 50% or more(5). 
Therefore, taking green coffee bean extract will give more results that regular coffee bean that has bean roasted. 
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