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Health pleromana (Healthplero) is a health blog  which is out to coach people to live a healthy life.
Our vision to provide knowledge that empowers everybody to be proactive when it concerns their health. 

We also represent the interest of youths and adults as concerns issues of their health and well being.Our life is a reflection of our choices and lifestyle. A healthy diet and  lifestyle can prevent many diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
There are choices we must make to be healthy and there are choices we must refuse to make to be healthy. Stay blessed and start making healthy choices today!!

This blog is not for health workers but for the general public. Therefore articles will be written to the simplest form so that everbody can understand clearly. It is important to know that we do not intend to replace your health care provider. Always seek for medical advise if you have health concerns and worries. 
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Best Regards,
Healthplero team.

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  1. Your blog is very nice. with good posts. I have a similar blog on health. will be following your blog for ideas

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a fan of your site. Keep writing.

  2. Hi! Wow good thing you stopped by our site today. Now I have discovered an amazing health conscious and informative website! I will be a regular and thanks for stopping by! :0)

    1. Thanks for the comment.your site is also very informative.will bookmark your site.

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